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Hi all,
Ive been used DDG for few days.
However i have a problem, my connection is slower than before.
I do not know why.

Here are the result of my speedtest:

Here is one i made few days before instaling DDG:

Now it says the download speed is 2x worst than before.
Can you help me with this.
Maybe its my fault, not DDG.

Please help.
R. Szczodry

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Hi R. Szczodry!! I think this could be your connection provider, because DDG is a web service; so you don't need to install it.
However, if you mean you installed DDG app on an Android device, it's weird too, because it doesn't interfere with your connection. I bet it's something on your phone connection too.
Sorry I can't help you more :(

Thanks for your suppport!!!
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I meant, you don't need and you can't install DDG on your personal computer because it's a web page :)
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Thanks a lot !!!!
Indeed it was sth wrong with my internet, not DDG.
Sorry for my fault. It was just surprising that after i use ddg all was wrong.
But as i said it was because of my provider.
They had problem with server (now there is so hot outside so servers crashes).
I called them and now all is okey.

Here are result:

I did a lot of tests and during all day all is fine.

Thanks again fo support ;)

...and sorry for problem ;>
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