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Created: 3 years and 8 months ago
Hey, all!

Quack & Hack Philly is happening now! We'd like to welcome all event participants to hack around on Cheat Sheet Instant Answers for the topics you search (like this)! **We encourage all virtual contributors as well!

1. Think of an idea for a cheat sheet or grab an idea from the bottom of this page.
2. Set up your dev environment with Codio (trust us--it takes 5 minutes vs. 2 hours locally).
3. Create your cheat sheets!
4. Rejoice.

Have fun and let us know what you want to do next!


General Info

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Get Help

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Email us: open@duckduckgo.com

Cheat Sheet Examples (code)

See the code

Cheat Sheet Examples (live)

Firefox Awesome Bar commands
Harry Potter spells
Regular expression syntax
Git commands

Cheat Sheet Ideas:

Names of espresso-based drinks
Superheroes and their superpowers
Types of sugars and where found
Vitamins/Minerals and their benefits
Superfoods and their benefits
Types of italian meats
Chinese dialects by region/province
SMS spellings
Game of Thrones house names
Game of Thrones house slogans
Game of Thrones house sigils
Military alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...)
Military Slang
Jive talk
How to talk to someone from the nineteen fifties
How to talk to someone from the nineteen twenties
News/politics shorthand SCOTUS, FLOTUS, POTUS
Secret Service code names over the years
Morse Code Alphabet
Car ownership (which companies own which companies)
Anniversaries (paper, cotton, leather, golden, etc.
Greek god names and their dominion
Roman god names and their dominion
Plant zones
Lightbulb color:temperature
Wine/Food pairings
Wine/Cheese pairings
Blackjack strategy
Poker hands
Kosher animals
Types of scotch
Types of wine
Types of liquor
Police codes
VHF Frequencies

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