Our privacy via DDG partnerships?

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On the very bottom right of your search page, it shows a logo and says "in Partnership with Yandex". Their privacy policy is very different than yours, and indicates it applies whether you are logged into their services or not. I completely disagree with what their policy says, even though it often refers to their email services, it ALSO applies to businesses they are in partnership with. What gives? It seems to be the EXACT opposite of what DuckDuckGo promises.
I have read that you must make some compromises, but even as a semi-novice user (still) though I have had DDG as my default search engine for many months (and recommended many other users), it seems rather complex, and begs to wonder what one really has to do to protect our own privacy? Yandex seems committed to undoing what DDG commits t providing- and likely other 'partnerships'. All this for setting things up as a default search engine? (And still no T-Shirt!)
Something seems very over complicated and not explained to the average user who believes they will not be tracked by clicking "Click here to set DDG as your default search engine" and going through the trouble of removing Bing and Google (not always so easy).

Yandex indicates it tracks all those who they are in partnership with, logged in to them or not...

PLEASE provide an explanation!

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DuckDuckGo requests results from Yandex (and other sources) itself, then compiles them, reorders them and returns them to the user. All that Yandex can see is millions of requests coming from DDG. It has no idea who the search comes from originally.

More info at https://duck.co/help/results/sources.

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I now have a bit of a better understanding of how building the search query from multiple sources makes DDG the better search engine, thanks.
So, I surmise since the original query is submitted via DDG, the other "partners" cannot reliably sort the 'who' and 'where' of the user submitting the request- DDG strips that info, is that a simple and easy way to describe it?
I really appreciate your answer above, in this world of tracking and privacy abuse :)
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This is what i see..
DDG is a proxy search. DDG receives a request from you. DDG forwards a query to one or more providers. DDG gets the results back and forwards those results to you. It is a very simple process. It is a clean process. It is a non-invasive process. And it is one that is good.
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