Is it too early to start using DDG as your only search engine?

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I am a big fan of the work DDG is doing, and want desperately to use it over google, but I feel in it's current state the search algorithms seem to be less than ideal. I want to switch over, spread the word and recommend DDG to all my friends, but I honestly can't right now because of how bad some of the results are.

My most recent example being a simple search of cinema times for a show- even setting region to the UK I was getting sites related to the US and not a single relevant VUE or Cinema house that actually showed the film I was after. It's just quite frustrating to dig through endless lines of results that have no relevance.

What are some of your thoughts? Are some of you able to finally ditch google for DDG? Have you had to adapt your browsing habits and just search a little longer or be more specific in your searches? Would be very interested to know others experiences trying to adopt DDG as their only search engine.

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ddg has been my only search engine for several years because i realize that it isnt G which i think is an advantage - i am puzzled at the number of users that don't like G but insist that DDG be a G clone

i also like that ddg provides a means for users to submit results that are not relevant
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It very much is an advantage it isn't google, sure. DDG should never become a google clone - but I don't think relevant results shouldn't be synonymous with google.

I understand the word relevant is extremely subjective, but, personally, I don't benefit from scrolling past inactive wiki's that only contain stubs to get to official, active wiki's. That's something I don't really enjoy. Is there a way to turn of these user submitted results?
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the near insistence that some people make that DDG is a clone of the goo is translatable to "using DDG is that same as using goo" which is equivalent to "why use DDG when you are using the goo anyway?" which makes me suspect that the goo is trying to slide in and cast dispersions of aspergas.

just my opinion. but since the goo is losing marketshare it means that wallstreet is going to have to revise their projections downward which translates to.... GOOG STOCK IS SERIOUSLY OVER PRICED. and they dont like that. puts a real cramp in executive bonuses and a lot more.
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Like @buckeye I've been using DDG as my default search engine for several years too. If some results don't seem relevant there are some options:

* Report it to the devs here: so they can make improvements
* Suggest an Instant Answer here: , e.g. when I search for "xyz" it would be cool if DDG did "abc".
* Use !bangs, e.g. to search for shoes on Google use "!g shoes" - more info:
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Thanks for those links. Really helpful!
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I would like to echo the !bangs suggestion. Honestly, just make a list of "specialist" sites that you use for certain types of searches. You don't have to stop using Google altogether because you use DDG as well. !g pipes your results directly through to Google, and permits you to keep all of the power of !bangs at your fingertips (assuming you have DDG set to default search engine, for ease of use. Often there is a specific site that will treat your search better than google (I often see people using Google to access a third party site consistently; for example, searching a movie title on google when they mean to find it on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB. "<title> !rt" or "<title> !imdb" is much more efficient).

I've been using DDG as my default search engine for two years now. A few months in, I sat down in front of the !bangs page and made a list of ones to memorize, written on post-it notes. I had written perhaps seventy of them. I stuck those on my monitor bevel, and glanced at them when I needed a reminder. No cheating! Learn by doing.

Now, I have about fifty !bangs that I use very often, almost daily, and many more that I know and can use when necessary. Suuuuper handy. Also, unlike "keyword search" in firefox (great feature!!!), !bangs are universal; they will work on any computer without importing browser settings, great if you use strange machines often, such as in a library or a friend's laptop.

If you have privacy concerns (as you should), but still want to take advantage of Google's admittedly advanced (well-funded!!) search algorithm, try !sp or !spi (Startpage and Startpage images): Startpage pipes your query into Google, but "asks for you" so that google doesn't aquire any information about you, and doesn't trap you in a "bubble" (tailored search results based on your personal search history).

Happy quacking! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
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Yes waaay too early. A number of essential features are entirely lacking, the most important of which is SEARCH BY DATE / TIME / LAST HOUR / LAST DAY / LAST WEEK. Sorry but I will absolutely NOT be using a search engine that does not have this feature. It is absolutely useless to me without it. FYI it is also the most requested improvement on BING who have also steadfastly ignored these requests and probably a huge factor as to why BING is also not a serious competitor to Google.
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