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Created: 3 years and 4 months ago
So sometimes I'm off on holidays/conferencing some place distant to where I live (.ie) and I'd like to be able to one time search with a locale that matches my destination. If I'm visiting Germany and want my search results to act as if i were in .de while search, it'd be nice if I could stick :de (or some such bang-ish flag) to change the locale for that search. It'd be nice too for those times when I want a local search but don't want to be bothered to uncheck my locale flag for the next search (locale good for cycle shops, terrible for science searches for example).

So a flag for setting locale for each search, where the locale doesn't match my home region (or sometimes it does, but *shrug*).

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There are a couple things you can do this. First, you could add "r:[two letter country code]" on to the end of your search. So, if you're in Canada, it would be something like "r:ca".

Second (and my favourite) look for the little location selector on the right-hand side of the search page. It's a little switch with a stylized picture of the Earth next to it. Click on the Earth to select the region you want to search from. The Earth will now be replaced by that Country's flag. You can then use the switch to toggle the regional search. Clicking on the flag will allow you to change the region again.

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Ahh smashing, probably needs to be a wee bit clearer.
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Agreed. Pretty much all websites seem to go between function (a large icon with a big label) and form (a small icon that looks cool and no one notices). DDG's doing pretty good though.
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