privacy concerns? WINDOWS 10 BIGGEST OFFENDER!?

<hidden> anonymous
Created: 3 years and 5 months ago
check it out
search windows 10 monitor spy etc
you should be horrified
imagine their "test" recording of all your conversations and commands and everything
its everywhere
third world big brother nsa built in secret police like none other

PRIVACY is important to human beings because human beings need "space" to grow.
SPACE. Room for Freedom of movement and speech. If one is threatened with the constraints of being branded by a power that by default does not trust the human being, then the human being errs on the side of security- a tradeoff from the space of free movement and speech and self.
This is why big brother DOES NOT WORK FOR THE HUMAN SPECIES.

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I agree, windows 10 is a complete disaster, nobody should've upgraded :(
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 5 months ago Link
Yhea, prety soon all DDG users should start using Linux or Mac.
posted by nickmavrick 3 years and 4 months ago Link
NSA / FBI back doors built into Windows 10 technical preview ...
► 5:23 27, 2015 - 5 min - Uploaded by Jon Courtney
In this video I discuss why I have a strong belief that windows 10 is embedded with backdoors ...
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Mac OS X is no better of a choice than Windows are. Apple are just as selfish and menacing as Microsoft and should by no means be trusted.

What's really important when it comes to software is freedom. Only when our software is free/libre, we can make sure it does not violate our privacy and also make sure it will stay that way.

GNU/Linux is best choice, certainly. Pretty much any distribution will give you more freedom than Windows or Mac OS X would have. But even so, only few distributions are 100% free/libre, and even fewer computers can be used with purely free software. This is something we must support to secure our future in computing.
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