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hello All,

On 9th August 2015, we started our first chapter of quack & Hack session in delhi. Due to heavy rainfall all the day, we got huge number of RSVP cancellation at last moment still we able to manage a good session.

We do quack session about Q&H,DDG,DDH and profiling/bubbling in internet.
Hack session:- Live session how google profile and bubble us, Setup environment and developing IA.

Following are our Ideas and IA during session:-

Spice Instant answer
1.Create Website category/Check blacklisted mail server /
software name (haveibeenpwned.com):- Mark it in duck.co/ideas
2.Default username and password/Router and Wi-Fi check up for device:- Mark it in duck.co/ideas
3.Cloud sandbox; check file for virus and malicious data :- integration with total virus, we can check if duckduckgo search allow user to upload file for scan and get details about file.
Same audio n image file :- Check similar files in internet Shazam
4.Nearby airport : air.geekuni.com
5.Live cricket streaming n other support/FM radio live :- Nice Indian and people around world like it
6.News channel/paper local paper>>>Adding API from different newspaper and categorization, Mainly it can work as fathead example:- local news, global news, entertainment, sports, politics, education and more..
7.Govt. rate for diff. Subsidiary:- some site which provides subsidiary rates for goods and products, so user can check current government approved rates and compare with market rate
8.Real space picture on search engine:- NASA sites can help ; it help space enthusiast.
9.Traffic in Delhi/Mumbai/metro city:- help people to switch or escape route where they found traffic crunch.
10.PNR Status (IRCTC Indian railway API):- One of biggest railways network in India; people can view their PNR status and train timing
11.New movie n shows timing/rate
12.World population /India population

Goodie Ideas:
1.Game in Linux ----create simple games on browser only.
2.Add India local address n pi code & phone call- ---local PIN and phone codes for India and world number
3.What is today day’s and history day:- It will be spice or goodie where data is from past; no new change
4.Creator n builder of different on it/Historical place in India :- data from past history who created and build the monuments
5.Top /first on India

Cheat sheet Ideas (DATA static) :
1.Metaspliot – completed and done pull request too.
2.Security tools ---sql map/nikto/burp suite/wireshark and counting more...
3.SOS no. in India/world: different no. fire, police, ambulance,hospital and more...
4.Hindi to English(other language) cheat sheet: building up
5.Mobile phone USSD call cheat sheet:

ON bang
1.Adding different India start up--Naukri/food-panda and others (!nauk and !foodpanda):-

I will be adding the ideas shortly, Thanks for all support from Zac and Daniel and All Duckduckhack team.


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Hi Rohit
Its greate news, heard about one more that is How to Cancel Tatkal Ticket if you drop out your plan at the last time when journey is going to start.
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