Does autocomplete feature restrict our privacy?

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Created: 3 years and 3 months ago • Updated: 3 years and 3 months ago
Maybe, you know; when we enter something on a autocomplete feautered search engine, we send some packages to the server and they send us options that start with the letter/word we entered. My question is; Do we send query to DuckDuckGo? does DuckDuckGo know what we enter into search bar and what we delete?

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Read this for details on autocomplete:

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if i were DDG, i would have a QUACKER LINK as the 99% solution (most) all questions answered. ie.. LEARN THE BENEFITS. A duck who wants to talk (squawk) or quack about it. as DDG develops, it gets to be like wordpro.. a huge bureaucrazy of infinite possibilities. and one loses track of ones beginnings as if the world was on board and pacing the changes which is actually, not all "that" common- just wishful thinking.

so DDG needs to put something on the face of the page showing how the duck quacks so that newcomers and less experienced users can get a leg up and realize how they have been helped and promoted thanks to the duck.
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Yes, autosuggest sends back what you're typing in the same way that when you actually do search it, you send your search query. However, DDG doesn't store this data. It simply uses it onetime to deliver you your autosuggest results.

If you're uncomfortable with autosuggest, you can turn it off in DuckDuckGo's settings:

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