I thought I would be safe from being tracked?

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Today through Firefox then DuckDuckGO I made a search for Monarch Airlines, then I clicked through to the Monarch Airlines website and did some general flight browsing.
10 minutes later I am visiting a newspaper website and I am being hit with Monarch Airline ads, That means there was no safesearch advantage going through DuckDuckGo. I might as well have gone through Google.
What could have I done wrong (other that assuming I was using "The search engine that doesn't track you").
Please let me know if this is common occurrence..

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I don't speak for DDG but I suspect once you leave DDG and go to another website, you are free game to being tracked depending on the privacy policy of that website. Most people know this but not everyone. DDG has no control of what other websites do with your data once you go to them. As I understand it searches on DDG aren't tracked. Where you go after that is beyond DGG's jurisdiction.

In fact, if you search for videos through DDG, they will even tell you clicking through to go to YouTube will leave you open to being tracked by YouTube. A regular DDG search probably works the same way.
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Thank you for replying. a Question if you have time ... So If I want to Make a search using DDG then visit a site anonymously how do I do that?

If it's the case that when I have made a search using DDG then click through on the link, at that moment the company/website has grabbed my ISP number and then started tracking. So in that instance (which I think is what many people assume is the point of DDG) it is no better that Google.
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I have just found my solution for private Searching & Visiting - Startpage.com proxy.
Thank you
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I'd say it's one of two things:
1. An extension you have installed tracks the websites you visit and sends that to a third party.
2. Monarch Airlines has scripts that track your visit and sends that to a third party.

In this case it looks like #2, because checking the source code for http://www.monarch.co.uk shows lots of scripts, some of which are RedEye Tracking, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick (owned by Google). It's very likely that your visit was shared with an advertising network that displays ads on a wide variety of websites.

There are a couple of ways to prevent this:
1. Install an extension such as Privacy Browser, although I find this can sometimes break images and styles on a page.
2. In Firefox go to about:config and search for "tracking". Then double-click on "privacy.trackingprotection.enabled" to change the value to "true".

You might want to delete cookies as well to get rid of sites that are already tracking you.
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Thank you for your prompt reply. I have done what you suggested (although being a novice I had to search google how to find about:config and changed:
"privacy.trackingprotection.enabled" to change the value to "true".
I have left the two similar looking: privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled;false
and services.sync.prefs.sync.privacy.trackingprotection.enabled;true as they were..

or should I make sure they are all True?
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"[...]pbmode.enabled" is to enable TP in Private Browsing mode and is not needed if the global pref is enabled, so you can reset it to false.
I'm not sure about the sync one, I think it's just to keep the settings synched when needed. Anyway it's enabled by default so leave it enabled.
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Thank you for all your Help.
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