Trouble Adding DuckDuckGo To Windows 10

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I have tried the three approaches the community suggests to add DuckDuckGo, but none work with my new Windows 10 download. I happily used it for several months in Windows 7 with a VPN connection in China, and had hoped to continue. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Yahoo seem to have it blocked.

The suggested process to add it to Microsoft Edge did not work. When I get to the point of adding, the screen will not allow me to type in an alternate address. I then tried to simply adding using the approach listed for Internet Explorer. The link in your help text did not work. I then tried to add a shortcut to the desktop. I get a shortcut, but it takes me to a search listing. When I try to select and open DuckDuckGo, either in Bing or Yahoo search, I get a message saying they can't find the site. Any suggestions, as I don't think this is an accident.


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I hsve also been having the same problem
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windows 10? dump it.
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try this forum

They seem to know stuff
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Have you tried using a differnt Browser? if not you should I recommend using let me know how it goes
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