Why is "Redirect" in "Settings" turned off by default?

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Isn't "Redirect" (which prevenst sharing of you search with sites you click on) one the main features of DuckDuckGo? Isn't this feature supposed to be turned on by default, as advertised?

Also, why can't I save any changes to my settings? I used the cloud method of saving settings and I made an exception for duckduckgo.com in Firefox's cookie blocker. I also made an exception duckduckgo.com in Kaspersky's private mode add-on.

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I just double-checked and Redirect is enabled by dedault (test by resting settings to default).

if you are having issues with FF not saving your ddg settings cookies, try creating a new user profile in FF and see if the cookie is saved, then work you way through your standard profile's setting and extensions to determine what's deleting the cookies.

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The redirect setting will actually default to OFF now for certain modern browsers that support the meta referrer tag. The meta referrer tag solves the same privacy issues in a much more elegant way, you can read more about it here: https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2015/0...
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Check this out. In your browser, TURN OF REDIRECT. In FF, about:config, typein redirect, 2clk network.http.redirection-limit and change to 0. Now it gets interesting. In your address bar, type in duckduckgo.com. No problem, you are there. Now try google.com.

What's up with that?
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