Global Quack & Hack- Delhi on 29 august 2015

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Hi All,

On 29 August at 5.30pm IST; we started our Q&H session in delhi sarvodaya Enclave.

As due to festive day we got low attendee but we got some contributor who are really interested in contributing for duckduckgo IA and wants to work for further extent.

Some cool hack Ideas:-
Search trend in duckduckgo
Member of local legislative (Lok shabha/raj sabha)
Member Of UN
JS client
Audio of news and extra feeds (
Live Radio
domain is for sale (Check Domain is for sale or not )

Protein level of different drugs
mathematical operator ASCII art (Like Duckducksay)
Sending an email with Perl Swap
the first two words in a string (
Get the length of a string and check it is right or wrong from dictionaries

Drupal Cheat sheet Commonly
Misused Words
Network cheatsheet: ports, network IPv4/IPv6, routing and Natting, QoS, Vlans, TcpDump.

We commonly put cheatsheet for new comers and person who are new duckduckhack session. Hope we will be doing much better on our next session on Indian Institute of Technology Delhi ( and will get more contributors and volunteer from great institute.

Thanks for reading !!!
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