Translation token information and context are needed

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Created: 3 years and 2 months ago
In this token to translate:

Viewing results from the %s for %s

There are two placeholder that I cannot imagine what should or could be their contents. Is it possible to include information, possibly an clear and direct example of where this string is used? I imagine the information being added to all language translation interfaces, but if this is not possible, I ask for PT_BR and Brit. Eng. (the two languages I contribute to).

This is not the first time I see this kind of case. There are languages that will need a very different order of words/ideas in the sentence to have the same meaning of the full English sentence. The consequence of this is that the placeholder content must have a way to be exchanged. Is there? And, so translator are aware of such cases, a broader token/sentence context and data must be added to the interface.

I think that depend on translators to discuss/ask this about the tokens they feel it is needed is error prone, and will not detect errors, sometimes in important tokens.

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Looking at the other tokens just added, I think it's something like Viewing results from the 'Past Week' for 'you search here' (date search is coming!).
Yes the token notes are in english and added to all languages. I can add it when I'm sure about it.

About placeholders order, if I remember correctly you can choose to write %1$s , %2$s etc.
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+1 That's correct.
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I deserve a cookie for this!
Context added.
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Thank you both, very much. The note there now is crystal clear. :)

I'll make posts about contexts that I find useful to have. But, just a humble suggestion, I think they should exist for all tokens: context, examples, link to help about order¹ of placeholders, when present.

¹ It is the same syntax that C printf (and sister functions in any language) uses, but I guess most translators are not familiar with them, may not remember it so easily, so a "one click that's it" page can be valuable. The page linked about placeholders is there. But a I'm talking about a simpler page or section just about the order; two examples and the syntax, direct link to this. I have read that page but missed the order part (because most of it were things I already knew, probably skimmed through a few ones, like this).
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