A couple of things that are affecting mu duckduckgo experience...

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One, when I open ddg, usually from a bookmarked icon, but also from the "open new tab" cross, the cursor is in the url text box. I want the cursor to open in the search text box. I realize there's probably a reason for this that I'm not aware of, but my thinking is, why would I open a search engine if I'm not going to search for something? Now, once I have ddg open, when I click in the search text box and type in duckduckgo and click on the ddg official site link, ddg opens with the cursor in the search text box. So, is it a firefox thing?

You know what, I'm so freaking annoyed that I'm sitting here writing to a forum about the functionality of a search engine instead of getting work done, helping others or creating new life that I can't even remember what the other thing was.

I'll take my answer off the air.

I am using firefox, latest version.

Edit: I remembered the second thing - I type something into the search bar, anything, mirror ball for instance. A drop down menu, well, drops down, giving me some choices. But if I pointer over any of the choices, they are automatically shown in the search bar. In any other engine I can pointer over any choices but none of the choices will show up in the search bar unless I click on that choice. Why? Why!!!

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I just did a quick test using FF 41.0.1 (Windows 10) both going to DDG from the URL field and from a new tab and in both cases the DDG search field had focus and the cursor (which is standard operation for DDG). My Firefox configuration has no extensions and a clean user profile. I'd suggest that you try running FF in safe mode or with a clean user profile to see if your results change. If FF works as expected, you'll need to determine which extension is causing your issue.
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So why, if no other search engines are doing this, would I take the time to restart in safe mode with no extensions, find the extension causing it, and probably have to disable an extension that I possibly like, need, and want to use? Do you see my problem? If I do not have this problem with any other search engine, why do I not just simply not use ddg? I mean, I want to use ddg. I am glad ddg is alive. I believe in ddg! But not at the expense of spending what is now close to an hour of my time trying to get ddg to work like every other search engine. Sorry, but it's just not worth it to me. Thank you for taking time to help me. I truly appreciate your efforts.
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I was thinking it was my ad blocker, but that is turned on ddg.
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I meant to type 'turned off on ddg'.
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wow - hard to know where to start on this one - seems that the op just wants to be angry and to vent

it's hard to believe than anyone can get this upset because a cursor isn't where they want it - especially when you consider that where you want it is normal ddg operation so it's something on your system that is causing it

also difficult to understand is why you seem to be asking for help but are unwilling to accept send help - if you don't want an answer to your rant and you don't want to find a solution - why bother posting at all

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