Firefox has changed the configuration and I can not get duckduckgo any time that i open a new tab

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From last week, Firefox has changed the way that you can configurate a new tab's url and I can not find out the way to choose duckduckgo as the adress in every tab that I open. Can you help me? I used to write about:config, and then I used to changed the new tab url just by writting Now, even if I write this, Firefox does not allow me to see the duckduckgo website when I open a new tab.
I hope you can help me.

Thank you

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Have you tried choosing DDG in the little search bar? (the one next the URL bar)
That should be enough.
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Have you checked out in firefox or DDG support?
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Thank you but I prefer to have ddg any time I open a new tab.

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I used it for DDG in my computer. You just drag the tab to firefox's home button and it changes your page every time you open a new tab. If you need any further information check the link
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Actually, Mozilla changed the configuration of the new tab. Because many companies were taking advantage of it, Mozilla decided to block users of editing such configuration. According to Soren Hentzschel :
"With Firefox 41 (and higher), it's no longer possible to customize the page shown in a new tab via changing the preference browser.newtab.url in about.config. Because of the fact that hijackers abused the preference in the past, Mozilla decided to remove it (see bug 1118285). Fortunately, by removing it, Mozilla also introduced a new API to bring this functionality back to life as an add-on. This add-on allows the user to choose a certain page in a new tab."

For such reason, he created this add-on New Tab Override (
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What?!! I'm outraged!! That setting was always a great way to give family members Christmas presents and wish them happy birthday!

Thanks for the add-on, I'll check it out!
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