Strange error in a Portuguese BR token (or bad translation reuse?)

balacobaco balacobaco
Created: 3 years and 4 months ago

When we open this URL with Javascript enabled, everything is normal. :)

But if we disable JS in the browser and reload the page, we'll see a wrong sentence in Portuguese: "HTML ou lite versões."

I searched the translation interface for the word "versões" read there. But the results do not include this token. Is that possible? Then I imagine that some translation reuse is being done... but it is strange that the search doesn't give a token for "version" or "versions" alone in the results.

The sentence is wrong, absolutely and clearly wrong in Portuguese. Word order is grammactically incorrect (although in English it may have that exact order, translating word by word).

The correct sentece that should be there is probably: "Versão com HTML simples", but it is not so good. So I go beyond and suggest a change there, in the original token: why we mention HTML? Why not make the JS-less pages just a "simplified version" or a "simple version"? There is no need to repeat everywhere the technical detail of what simplification is being done - they must be in the help pages and in longer informative lines. Then, the correct senteces would be: "simplified version" and "versão simplificada"; or the shorter lines of "simple version" and "versão simples".

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The "lite" pointed from that page is not the HTML version (which has no link to. I don't know the exact use of which. My post there assumed (probably wrong) that both would be the same: lite version and HTML version.

3 different pages:

The lite one I did not know about until yesterday. So my suggestion should be changed to include it (ht "lite" word is a link; HTML word is not. Correct?!).
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