Token 134732, PT-BR, invalid translations (in use and in some other suggestions)

balacobaco balacobaco
Created: 3 years and 4 months ago
The token seems to cause a common misunderstanding: there is no space between the second %s and the previous dots. The "." character there is left aligned in its surrounding space, so it looks like it has a space to its right - except that's incorrect. This could be noted, for every language.

The consequence of this issue is that there were 3 incorrect suggestions, and all with it. Further, among these suggestions, two of them are incorrectly translated (the resulting string will not be clearly understood by Brazilian Portuguese speakers, since it's wrong).

I added a suggestion there, but it can't be used since there are votes for the invalid translations. This is another example of an use case that the translation interface needs a better way to mark translations as invalid ones; or to down vote translations to bring attention to their problem for future passing by translators - whatever is easier to develop now would be a progress, though.

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