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do you think it might be a good idea for DDG to create a separate search app for children? Just to increase its usability among all age groups?

I'm not a parent but I'm trying to put myself in the shoes of a parent whose child might use The DDG app because I like DDG and want people of all ages to feel comfortable using it.

I'm not talking about a search filter (you've got that covered) but the news articles that appear in your app.

Are these news articles and links chosen by hand or automatically?

I think there needs to be a Rated-G version to accommodate users under a certain age.

It's not like DDG posts crazy stuff but like this morning the F word showed up in a little comic strip that was posted.

Now of course to most of us adults here that's no big deal. But to the parent of a child using DDG that might be enough to send them searching for a more child-friendly search engine. I'm sure there are other examples from the app's news feed but I don't recall them at the moment.

I want to make clear, I'm not some religious prude. I'm an atheist, actually. And I'm not trying to see this from the perspective of a religious extremist who wants to censor everyone but from an age-inclusive perspective of all potential users of DDG. Neither am I a parent so we can scratch that potential source of bias off too.

As supporters of DDG we have to remember DDG is competing with Google. And any usability advantage Google has over DDG can drive users away from DDG.

Certainly, I'd be fine if DDG took a stand either way towards one user friendly experience over the other. But my worry is this has not been explicitly defined and parents of children may use the DDG app expecting one kind of experience and not get it. DDG does appear like a child-friendly experience with that friendly duck logo, after all.

Am I being overly sensitive or is it a good idea for DDG to have some format exclusively available for users under a certain age? In other words, a completely child-friendly experience?

Maybe not a separate search app...but perhaps you could add an option to turn off the news feed or change it to a more kid-friendly feed?

And just to emphasize my point…DDG's competition has the kid-friendly market covered:


Again, DDG has such a kid-friendly logo. You should take advantage of that area of the search market.

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Nice idea you should recommend it somewhere.
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Good idea !
posted by LoveMusique 3 years and 26 days ago Link
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Well, of course, don't supply a chat, forum or PM feature or any other way for user to user communication. I didn't examine the Google Kids site too closely but if they did that they're stupid.

My point was have an exclusively kid-friendly content version of DuckDuckGo, not facilitate questionable communications.
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