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Created: 8 years and 28 days ago
Existen usuarios del buscador de habla hispana? deberiamos tener una version en nuestro idioma ya?

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I guess having the about, settings, etc. pages translated to a few languages would attract some more people who may not understand English that well. I could do Portuguese translations if you're interested, maybe some other members would like to contribute with their own translations?
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podriamos crear algun sitio de ayuda para poder realizar traducciones en algunos lugares especificos de duck go, yo estoy disponible para cualquier tema que se necesite,  quizas si faltan recursos buscar de alguna forma generar ganacias, para que el sitio pueda tener una mayor fuerza en algunos aspectos, Gabriel debe ver este tema, me gustaria ver las estadisticas del duck go, en visitas diarias y busquedas, saludos cordiales,


could create a great site for help to do translations in some specific sites of duck go, I am available for any item that is needed, perhaps missing somehow find resources to generate profits, so the site can have greater strength in some aspects, Gabriel must see this, I would like to see the statistics of the duck go in daily visits and searches, best regards,
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creo que si
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There have been a bunch of translation requests, and I am certainly not opposed to them. Implementation does not seem that difficult. However, the pages keep changing and that's more what I'm worried about. I'm constantly trying new things and then there will be a lag or some elements will not be translated.

Is that a big issue, i.e. if some elements are in English and some are not? Looks to weird?

As for traffic stats, here you go:
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It is better than to have nothing. You would prefer to have nothing untranslated, but to understand the main stuff is more useful than to understand nothing.

What you can do is just degrade translations based on the language headers.
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Hi, I saw DuckDuckGo yesterday for the first time, because of the new Safari Extension. I think the search results are really great and if there is a "Google Killer" in the future, DuckDuckGo has better chances than Bing for sure ;-)

I would start recommending your site to other people, but a "localization" would be necessary to do this. I think it is not the interface which is most important, it is also the content. For a start you could:

- make Bang Commands local: Send !g to instead of for german users, send !a to instead of for french users ... Start with the most important, localize more bangs on request.
- Show the local Wikipedia articles instead of the english ones if possible, they are in the index, I saw them in the search results, but the english wikipedia article is on the top in most cases.

The things above are both things you can do without help from a native speaker.

- Well, and If you want to translate the interface, I'm sure you will get help from the community. And if you have new features just make them available in english, don't worry about this.

Think big, start small ...

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yegg13 abrió un repositorio en github para apoyar con las traducciones aunque aún está bastante crudo, échale un vistazo.

Tal vez quieras revisar este hilo, parece ser donde se está apoyando la idea en varios idiomas ahora mismo.
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Ya no existen los links
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I second this request... for some L11N
When so many people are lost in the web...., when you first goal is giving them the most accurate answer,  reading their own mother's language is a primary need.

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Hey, bumping this. I would love to help you translate the site to Swedish.
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Si es hora de tener una version en español
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 22 days ago Link
(I do not speak Spanish, the following is translated from English to Spanish using SDL, I hope it is helpful):

Entrar en la configuración y en la pestaña "resultado" seleccione su idioma.

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For me it's not a problem of language translation, I can understand both Spanish and English fine.

My problem is in searches. I'm looking for Spanish news items, and I get

EG - I search for Fernandez-Diaz the Spanish Minister of Interior - I get a large number of American articles on people with similar names. Google (spit!) was much better in allowing language refinement for news or other searches.
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Por supuesto, el que no exista una versión idéntica en español, del buscador "Vamos pato pato" o "Pato pato vamos", es discriminatorio y demuestra lo poco que se interesan por la cultura e identidad hispano-parlante.
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estan en lo correcto, existenen seguidores que desean que Duchduck presente una pagina en español. gracias .
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How great an undertaking would it be to host a Spanish or Romance Language version of DuckDuckGo?
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If you have your browser locale set to Spanish it should show automatically. Otherwise, you can change the interface language in the settings:

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LACK search more extensive Different expressions or words that are not found in the dictionary and depend on the region where they are variety.
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Yo soy nuevo usando este buscador y en este foro. Me gusta este buscador, le veo un buen futuro
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