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I recently worked hard on adding duckduckgo in search engines option in opera mini 7 java and opera mobile 12.Earlier I had tried it in opera mini 6 and opera mobile 11 but after closing of these browsers and then restarting them opera cleverly sets the search engines to defaults (Google,Amazon,IMDb,Wikipedia etc.,I had edited IMDb but it defaulted to IMDb after restart). It worked well in opera mini 4.4 (java only) where it gives you an option to add search engine but there is no option to add search engines in opera mini 7 and opera mobile 12.You can edit and delete existing search engines but they are not remembered by opera after restart.So I tried all tricks like using about:config.I had to open DDG every time from its bookmark or add it every time by editing default search engines.Finally I got it working.Here is how it works.

For Opera Mini 7 and Opera Mobile 12 (Java,Android,iOS,Symbian) :

1) Search any term with Google or any other default search engine.

2) Hold center button of D-pad on search bar(of page,not opera) or keep pressing your finger on search bar if on touch phone.

3) Select "Add Search Engine" option.

4) Now go to search engines bar of opera.Your custom search engine will be listed there.

5) Scroll down and you'll find "Manage Search Engines" option,click it.

6) Find your custom search engine and select it.

7) Select it or click edit if on non-touch phone.

8) Put Duckduckgo search query data:

For JavaScript enabled smartphone,( JavaScript is only available for Opera mobile 12,which is available for android and Symbian only.As per my knowledge opera mobile is not available for blackberry and Iphone.) :-

add DDG or whatever you like as Title and add "" or "" (enter text inside commas only) as Address.

For Non-javascript java and smartphones add DDG or whatever you want to name it as Title and add "" or "" as Address.In my view lite works better than html.You can replace lite with html if you like html save.

This way your DDG search engine won't get deleted by opera.Tell me if it not works or opera still deletes it from search engines list.You can also add URL parameters for JavaScript enabled phones in search query like this:
"",e.g. kj=p means header bar color will we changed from default to purple.For those who want to know more about URL parameters visit this link .

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One of my friend suggested that instead of using Google search as template I should use Duckduckgo as template.Well,I had tried that and see what happens.

This method is better than first method as it also adds Duckduckgo icon than Google icon in search bar.But this method works only on Opera mobile and does not work on opera mini.So opera mini users still need to use the first method.Try both methods and if second method works then its better as we have DDG icon as well on search bar.If not then first method is advised to use.
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The easiest way that i've found has been to use Oper Sync to coordinate browser preferences between mobile and desktop versions of Opera:
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Hi, it is not working in my samsung s3 mini! I am logged in, the link-button is on but no suchengine added. What to do?
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Thanks,I don't know what has happened to me.How can I forget such a simple method? I used to add search engines this way long ago.Thank you for reminding me.But I think my tip is still useful for those who don't have a desktop and don't want to sign up just for adding duckduckgo to their list of search engines.There are still lots of people who own just a simple feature phone and have no access to desktop or smartphone.DDG need to reach those people also as they make up nearly half of the total internet users.
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Hey, thanks for the tip, though 2 years later but I'm still using a "old" but trusty Nokia XpressMusic, haven't got a dime to buy a new Android phone so I stick with Opera Mini. I also found that I can edit a new search engine with a !bang, just replacing the %s at the end with !bang_ (a blank space), i.e. !gi, because DuckDuckGo in opera only shows the results.
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