I Mourn for the Holiday Logo

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Created: 2 years and 11 months ago
So, another Christmas is coming and, as in the other recent holidays, I know with disappointing certainty that DuckDuckGo will not have a holiday logo for it. In the past, I've tried to urge DDG to reinstate the holiday logo, even going as far as to create one myself with my limited GIMP skills (I've improved since, I hope). However, I've always come up against the same wall: DDG does not want to change it's logo for a day.

As said in this thread, "for the immediate future, [DuckDuckGo is] not considering any changes to the homepage logo. [It has] acquired a ton of new users since being integrated to Safari/Firefox and changing the homepage would mean a lot of confused users."

I disagree. And, as often when I disagree, I'll tell you a story.

In the early days of Google, Sergey Brin suggested that each day the logo be something different, so as to keep users interested. This was, of course, shot down by the marketing department who knew better. As Douglas Edwards said in his book about his time at Google, the company should always attempt to imprint the logo further into the minds of its users. He demonstrated this with the phrase:

"This is our logo,
It looks like this,
If it looks like this, it's our logo,
Because our logo looks like this."

But Mr. Brin, after revising his plan a bit, went ahead and photoshopped a clip art pumpkin above the logo for a day (either Halloween or Thanksgiving, I can't remember). A few more logos were made for common holidays, culminating in Dennis Hwang, an intern at the time, being appointed Chief Doodler.

What's the point here? Originally, the now iconic Google Doodles were rejected by the saner of the Google staff, but when they did appear, people loved them. In fact, they've come to expect them as demonstrated by the numerous complains when Google forgets a holiday. The same goes for DDG where I have found many posts by users asking about holiday logos, only to be told that they had gone on "hiatus."

The chief place people are coming to DDG from is Google, where the logos are expected. On DuckDuckGo, I doubt anyone will be surprised that the logo changes, nor would it be much of a problem. The primary features about the logo (the duck) are always there and the style of the website and the way of accessing it never change. If DuckDuckGo is worried about confusing users, perhaps they should change their domain name from duckduckgo.com to something shorter and more memorable...

Of course they wouldn't do that and I wouldn't either! DuckDuckGo.com is an awesome domain name! It's fun, playful and a break from the now extremely formal sounding "Google." The same goes for the holiday logo.

So, what should DuckDuckGo do then? Obviously, they should reinstate the holiday logo. If they can't find staff to make logos, they can use the community which is always eager to help. And, I'm available whenever. I assure you, my logo-making skills have improved.

If it is impossible for this to happen, please explain to me why not? I have set out my argument here... why don't you set out yours?


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Of all the things DDG has to worry about and deal with, you think they should be more concerned about a holiday logo? Really?

I'd rather they worry about more important things.
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I believe that DDG has a different culture frome Google, maybe thats why they want to keep their logo like this all days. Here are some DDG logos https://duck.co/help/settings/holiday-lo... if you want a new DDG logo you can make it yourself or ask to be made by someone else and eventyally wou will see it on that page.
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