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I happened to stumble across DuckDuckGo today. I've been a devout Google user for years...but over time they're violating their own ethical code of "Don't be evil". I didn't know where else to go for search that would provide good results and not be evil, until I found you DDG. <3

So I want to share you with the world, but when I visit your page to [Help Spread The Word]( there are two categories with something missing which could make it a "no-brainer" for people to quickly share:

Provide people who land on that page with DDG-official, pre-configured, sharing links to Help Spread the Word & Use DDG. The sharing links should be configured for:
- All the major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...
- All the major ESPs for email sharing (either copy/paste email content, or provide a "enter email addresses" feature and then send on their behalf
- All the major SMS providers: so people can one-click share to their friends via SMS

Provide people the ability to easily wear their DDG support like a badge of honor by giving them snippets for:
- Web content Snippets in the form of pre-configured HTML w/optional JS to add source points to accounts, and pre-configured styles for the major grid/control libs available such as Bootstrap, etc...
- Email Signature Snippets and quick links/instructions to major ESP providers update signature feature
- SMS Signature Snippets and quick links/instructions to major SMS Carrier provider's update signature feature

These are just suggestions, because I would have used them all today...but now I have work to do that is more pressing than going out and doing all this without thinking about it (which is the goal of this feature request). :)

Have a great day, Happy New Year, and know you have a fan. :D

Benjamin Dean

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I like the idea with the quick-share-links!
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