Create an official inline bot for Telegram

airon90 airon90
Created: 3 years and 2 months ago
I think you know what Telegram is and I think you know what a bot for Telegram is.

Since latest app update, Telegram added the new inline mode for bots: in a conversation, you can "tag" a bot and follow the tag with a message to do something (e.g. if you tag @gif and follow the message with «LOL» it will popup some gif from Giphy for "LOL" and you can add them directly in the chat).

I think that a @ddg inline bot would be useful to make searches while chatting. By now there is @bing inline bot that by now just adds images.
DuckDuckGo should carpe diem with Telegram ;)

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Telegram is raising very hard and maybe it will be the future of communications. Good luck
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