A bit of help with DDG CSS #2

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Created: 3 years and 10 days ago
My previous thread¹ did not a have good enough picture, so I have done another one.

The CSS is what the HTML version of DDG uses: https://duckduckgo.com/s640.css .

I have been using a changed style with a darker background (I have put a version I have made a few weeks ago, and have not changed much since then, in another thread I started here).

There is one thing that I cannot find what to change in the CSS file. This screenshot shows the "white culprit". The arrow and the mouse pointer points it.

Here it is:

http://imgbox.com/bDLqFoJ7 (or the attached one, whatever you prefer)

Thank you

¹ https://duck.co/forum/thread/18933/give-...
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I already answered you in the other thread... didn't it work? If so, this one could be closed.
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What you (whoever is, I can't see your name in the forums, as many others'; and there is an option you have to turn on or off, it is in our profile page, if I remember correctly)... what you said in the other thread is not about what I intended to change (as I said there). But it was useful, thank you. :)

I opened another thread because the first post on the other is misleading for what I really wanted - and there is not edit button for our posts.
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Well, much confusion here. I sent a second answer 4 days ago on that thread... is it visible? The second one is relevant to what you asked.
Please tell me if it's visible, if not I'll answer here too again.
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