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DDG forum,
I posted this once before but never received a fix that worked.

I can't get my theme to stick after rebooting. I go to "More Themes"
and click on "Basic" and then "Save and Exit". If I have to reboot
DDG defaults back to the "Default" theme. I see the "Save Cloud
Settings" but don't know if that would help me.

Any suggestions?

Jerry D.

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To learn more about the cloud you can go here . Plus here are some saved theme links , , , . Hope that was useful !
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You have something in your browser set to delete cookies, which means that the non-tracking cookie that is created when you save your settings is being deleted. In your browser setting\add-on that is deleting cookies, make an exception for DDG cookies.

Another way is to use a bookmarklet URL to go to DDG. For the basic theme use:
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Thanks. Using works.

Jerry D.
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