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Hi, to anyone who may work at DDG and could have the opportunity to file this request:

I love DDG so far, and I love the idea of it and of a safe and private web search engine. However, I can't fully use it and switch to it for the following reasons...

- I use Bing a lot, and DDG is based off Bing, but can't fully replace it due to not being able to look at adult material(nudity) picutres/videos. I use Google and Bing, and putting this in would replace the feature in Bing and also take in more users. I don't see why not. Even when I turn off Safe Search, it still filters nudity in images.
- It uses more of the same image sizes in the image search. If it's going to be powered by Bing, it would be great to have it work just like Bing.
- An extra: I would love a "heart" icon or like button to favorite pictures and such.

If these changes were put in, I would definitely make DDG my default search engine, and it would fully replace Bing completely, and I wouldn't need to use Google much anyway.

Would it be possible to get some sort of acknowledgment on my suggestions and ideas?

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