does not go to start page - WHY?

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DDG was recommended on a "geek" website and I tried it. Growing concern about privacy was the paramount reason for sampling your product and I loved the choice of themes and options to customise the settings. On the second day I used DDG I saved my settings to the "cloud" and was considering using DDG as my default search engine. On the THIRD day when I typed in the address bar (as I have on every occasion), instead of the start page appearing, the site materialised. This consists of address bar punctuated with a quack button and NOTHING else. No settings icon, no themes, no options, nothing. When you type your query it produces results in the most bleak and basic format imaginable or that I've seen provided by any search engine. No matter what variation of ddg I type I cannot access the start page via the address bar nor from within any browser - I.E, Google, etc. - all roads lead to the site. I can get to the settings page via the browser, but as soon as I type in a search query it reverts to the rather ugly site that offers no options whatsoever. I am at a loss as to what has occurred. My antivirus has been working up till now. I've run a few checks and nothing is showing up. While I've been trawling through several websites trying to resolve this, I note from your website that one of your previous fans called "chilidog" had a similar problem (2 years and 1 month ago) "I can't get to the first page of duck ........". If you have any advice I would appreciate it.

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There are two alternative versions of DDG, one without javascript:
and one super minimalistic:

I don't know why you're seeing one of these two, maybe you disabled javascript in your browser?
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Hi. As others have said, you're being redirected to a minimalist version of DuckDuckGo. For us to investigate, please could you let us know your browser version and operating system? This site will help if you're not sure:
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Thank you so much for reporting this issue. We made a change on Friday that was unintentionally redirecting users of Internet Explorer 10 to our extremely minimal DDG interface ( We just pushed a change to fix this and things should be restored.

Were you by any chance using Internet Explorer 10? If not, can you tell us what browser you're using? If you were using IE10, can you try navigating to our homepage again and let us know if it's fixed?

Thanks again!
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