Is moving away from the forum?

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Created: 2 years and 22 days ago • Updated: 2 years and 22 days ago
I haven't been around here much these last few months and it seems a bit has changed. I searched around the homepage and community section for quite a bit trying to find a link to these forums but couldn't find one. It wasn't until I went into my notifications that I was lead here.
Is moving away from this forum platform in general? If so, will there be another area to hold general discussion regarding DDG?

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Hey AguaBottle! As much as I know DDG is not moving away from this platform. If you want to contact more with the DDG team you can go here
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Based on the linked blog post below, it does seem that they would like to move away from this platform. Whether that means they just sit back and let it run its own course without linking to it any longer or just outright remove it, I don't know.
If they do remove it, hopefully they give a heads up so we as a membership base can expect it.
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Zac replied in the blog about this:
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Thank you for the link to the blog post. It's a bit upsetting that they intend to move away from this type of platform.
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While there are ongoing discussions regarding the future of the forums (expand? contract? new platform? etc.), there are no eminent plans to abandon these forums. I would also suggest that you might get involved in the DDG subReddit at:

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