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Hi - my feedback for what it's worth:

I've been using duckduckgo for a few months now, and I like it. I am finding it generally a good high quality alternative to google searches...but with two exceptions that leave me still having to use google a high percentage of the time:

1) with respect to the ddg trick of typing news in order to search news on a given topic, I have at times been frustrated with this solution. It has seemed to me at times inferior to in some of the quality of results whereas at times the quality of both has seemed ok. In one respect I'd say it's somewhat superior (the sort order appears to be chronological with most recent first, which may sound common, but it has been some time since I have been able to figure out how to get to do that). On google's sort organisation, I like some aspects of the way they do it, but I wish I had more control to make it strictly chronological when I want it that way. As to ddg's sort order, as far as I know chronological is the only option.

2) For many years,, which is customizable, has intermittently been the start page that I default to for my browser because it brings me a very quick efficient collection of headlines tailored to what I want. I would prefer to bring up something like and not use google for this assemblage of starting point headlines, but as far as I can tell there is no such thing. Thus, I am stuck still using google a high percentage of the time.

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Glad you're using DuckDuckGo! I agree with both your points; customization is one of the many things DDG needs to work on, mostly by adding more options for different forms of searches. Also, I like your idea of; it has an awesome ring to it.

For now, you can download the DuckDuckGo app for Windows, iPhone or Android. Just search "duckduckgo" in the Windows Store or go to for iOS and Android versions. It's not the ideal solution but it's still pretty neat.

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Hi - belated thanks for the reply.

I have the app loaded, but I'm not much of a cell phone person I must admit.

In any event, I can only reiterate - Duckduckgo is good I think, except on news, where it presently offers nothing that is really competitive with
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Then again, if the best thing for duckduckgo is simply to be good at web search, I can try to find some other alternative to and not push so much for changing duckduckgo.
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