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dashesy dashesy
Created: 5 years and 1 month ago
I am now using the Android DDG on-screen widget (DDG browser), and glad to say is works great, so thanks, and the links are also interesting.
BTW, the autocomplete there works nice, wish desktop had the same

Here are a few bugs I wanted to report:
1- If I navigate to a link (either from home screen links, or type a URL), then run another application, and then run DDG again, it shows the home screen (with links) again. And if I click on a link there it does not navigate to it, I figured I had to GoBack in the browser (which will not really go back, and still shows the home screen), then click again on the link. This means with slow connection the site needs to be reloaded again.
2- Some of the links in the home page some time need subscription, and some have a limit on their use.

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Thanks, dashesy. We'll take a look but may need to come back here for additional info.



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