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Wouldn't it be great if DuckDuckGo offered a search api? Maybe they already do, and I just don't know of it. It seems to me that the brilliance of search results is their truth and accessibility. If DuckDuckGo were to share their search results freely, through an api, they could be included, cached, and rehashed in all sorts of different ways, and this would truly lead to them withstanding the test of time. After all, what is search other than rehash? Not all rehash is created equal, and I must hand it to the wonderful people who have made this search engine possible!
An Idea I had that would make use of a search api, would be a search client, that would store the results I received in previous queries to different search services, and allow me, or perhaps anyone in a network, to search over these results, and recall them. If I couldn't find usable results, it could go back out to the search service. DuckDuckGo could still advertise for revenue on their main search website, meanwhile, their results would be available all over the place, in different sorts of ways. Influencing, and changing the world we live in for the better. The core attitude of all search services would be to deliver great results, rather the to pigeon hole searchers, which I believe is what DuckDuckGo has set out to do in the first place.
Congratulations on creating such a terrific search service for us to all make use of and add to. Please accept my humble suggestion of something I would love to see on the road ahead. May the Spirit bless you in all that you do.

Follow UP:

So, as I wrote the above, which I left in tact so you can read my initial thoughts, this little drafting interface answered my question that a search api has been suggested, and had not be made available because of agreements with search influencers and sources. To this I submit, cut them out of the search api results. Not for spite, but for good measure. They don't want to eat their breakfast, so let them have lunch. Certainly, DuckDuckGo has organic results, and these would be enough to get the little little rock moving that will eventually become an avalanche of delight. You have my support if this ever comes to pass. I truly do wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and may your wings take you home.

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Thanks for the suggestion. You're right, our results come from a variety of sources and because of various syndication rules, we can't freely redistribute them as an API.

However, a DuckDuckGo API does exist which contains access to some of the Instant Answers that make up our results:
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