If you want this search engine to really take off, you need to change the name.

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Created: 3 years and 7 days ago • Updated: 3 years and 6 days ago
Great search engine. Great idea. Terrible name and logo. Looks like something from a nursery rhyme, which is fine if you are marketing to elementary school kids. I assume the goal is to be mainstream? To challenge Google? Then you need a real name and a real logo. There's a product ID company in Palo Alto if you need help with this.

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using the search forums and comments feature you will see that this topic has already been discussed a few times

ddg has already taken off and there are a bunch of us that enjoy both the name and the logo so it doesn't seem that they need help with it

it seems funny to me that "google" - a misspelling of "googol" which is a word that a 9 year old made up - is acceptable (to you) but duckduckgo is found to be childish. for that matter... bing? yahoo? dogpile?

i think that the folks at the product id company in palo alto already understand that a unique name and logo help people to remember the name of the service
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