Will we be warned if/when this forum is going to go away?

thobby thobby
Created: 2 years and 9 months ago
I would like to save some info in that case. There have been lots of discussions about privacy and other matters that I go back to from time to time. I've been on other forums that were suddenly pulled without notice & stupid as it seems it felt somewhat upsetting. If it is pulled I assume all the past conversations will be deleted? I've read the posts about plans to get rid of this but I feel kind of sad about it.

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I'd suggest you get prepared now... I'm not really sure what's happening with the forum.
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Well then, good-bye everyone. One thing I loved here was this platform to have discussions about DDG mostly by reasonable ppl. It felt more like a community but now it feels like someone wants our voices to be stilled & can't be bothered with the rif raf. In that case it's not the environment I thought it was but wish DDG the best & hope you will stay true to your original premises. Take care all.
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Hi thobby i don't think DDG is moving it's forums. Its forums are useful to help users who are new to DDG and for reporting ideas and problems.
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I'm just going by this and some other comments I've read. If I am wrong I apologize.
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There are no plans to abandon the forums, but there are long range plan to reorganize the community platform, making things a bit more homogenous. It is possible that the forum platform could change at some point but when this has happened in the past the existing data has been retained and moved forward.

I would also note that DDG has a Reddit sub at:
I invite you to take a look there are well.
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