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Created: 2 years and 9 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 9 months ago
A few months ago, I wrote about a new browser I was making. Since then, I've added a few new features to it:

- Ad blocking. The new version of Min includes built-in ad blocking. In the Min menu, there is an item labeled "Privacy Preferences". Click on that, and then click on "block trackers and ads". Once that is checked, Min will automatically block resources based on the Easylist filter list. There are also options to block scripts and images, which are useful when you're using a slow internet connection or one with low bandwidth caps.

- Ubuntu support Min now supports Ubuntu, and there are builds for Ubuntu available to download. I also plan to add support for additional Linux distributions in the future - let me know which ones you would like.

- Redesigned searchbar Most of the searchbar has been rewritten. The new version has much less bugs than the old version, is faster, and is easier to add features to in the future. The design has also been improved a bit, so its easier to quickly find a page.

- Improved find in page The "find in page" feature no longer covers part of the webpage while you are typing in a search term. It also now shows the number of matches for the search term.

You can download Min here: https://github.com/PalmerAL/min/releases.

Let me know what you think should be added in the future! You can also file an issue here if you have feedback: https://github.com/PalmerAL/min/issues/n...
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Nice work on the browser!
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Good work. Just thought I'd mention that for more discussion, there's an interesting thread on Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=114...
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