URL to a lean DDG homepage with ! (bang) pre-populated

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Currently my smartphone's start page is:


...i.e. DDG with the ! typed, so I don't have to. It's painful to type ! on mobile, most of my queries need it and for the others it's easy to remove. Remember the ! is not just for !w, !s and the like: type a space after and it's "I'm feeling ducky", i.e. go to the top result (try e.g. ! smithsonian (with the space).

The only problem is this loads the answers to a search about the actual ! character, complete with pictures, the WP article and whatnot. Not interesting.

Is there any way to add something to the URL like &loadanswers=0 (just an example I made up) to get a page as neat, uncluttered and quick-loading as the regular DDG homepage but still with the ! pre-populated?

I understand there are alternatives like the DDG app, other keyboard apps etc, but I'd rather not install anything else, just change my start page URL.

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I don't know of a way to pre-populate the DDG search field with a bang without getting search results for that character, as the page will load using any parameters provided and a bang character without other parameters correctly displays the definition of the character.

The best workaround for what your trying to do may be to use !+, which yeilds no results and you simply backspace over the + to create your !Bang search.
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Doesn't work for me when I try: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=!+
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You wont believe it but i had the same idea a few months ago. Many people complain to me because they say they don't want to press Shift + 1 to use bangs. So my idea is that when you press the bang button DDG writes it for you as you can see in this image!

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