Middle click on video results to open in new tab

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Created: 2 years and 7 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 7 months ago
Searching for videos can often bring up many results, but if you view the results as a grid, it seems that middle clicking on the images makes DDG attempt (presumably via JavaScript) to open up new windows rather than load the link in a new tab. I've tried this with the "Settings->Privacy->Redirect" option set to both On and Off, with the same results either way.

It'd be nice if these videos could be opened up in new tabs, like regular results.

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Appears that the "video squares" in grid view behave the same way as they do when shown in the header; which is to popup a detail view when left-clicked upon. Seems to be the same code as used in the image search results. So not trying to open new windows, just loading the detail overlay. The middle mouse button seems to be press&hold to display, with the detail overlay disappearing when the button is released (as opposed to toggling as with left-click).

Once you have the detail overlay you can middle click on the title there to open in a new tab. This does take 3 clicks (left to pop-up the details, middle to open in new tab, left to hide details or select another video)—so there is room for some improvement, but the basic functionality is there.

Hope that helps, though, broadly I agree that it would be nice to be able to quickly move through the image/video grid popping out items of interest into background tabs with a single click that doesn't obscure the results grid with the big detail overlay!
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Agreeing with both comments. Clicked videos redirect directly to their youtube page if the redirect oprion was toggled. The larger advantage and why I followed this topic however, is to being able to open many of them in background tabs, maybe even suspended until clicked.
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