"Did you mean" issue

[Old Forum guest] anonymous
Created: 5 years and 6 months ago
When searching for meteoh a "Did you mean meteo?" question comes up but the problem is that the search results  shown below is already asuming that I meant what DDG suggests... i.e. I can't get the results for meteoh.

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It's even more obvious when searching for meteoh.com... It suggests meteox.com and all the results relate to that even before clicking "Did you mean meteox.com?"
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 6 months ago Link
I agree the Guest here, it seems odd that the results ask the question, "Did you mean meteo?", but does not have a method of reverting to the original search request. I think that a "No" button or link would be in order.

What you can do is place the search term in quotes, as illustrated here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%22meteoh%22

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posted by x.15a2 Community Leader5 years and 6 months ago Link
We're working on a fix for this, but in the meantime you can do +metoh https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%2Bmeteoh
posted by yegg Staff5 years and 6 months ago Link
I love using plus (+) to try to force exact hits.  Should this be explained on the Syntax page at https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/results/syntax?  That page does a nice job on the use of minus (-).
posted by [Old Forum sharex] • 5 years and 6 months ago Link
We will update that page, but we're seeing if we can again make this the default without messing up other things.
posted by yegg Staff5 years and 6 months ago Link
Any progress on this? I also find this very annoying.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 7 months ago Link
The top 5 results for the query "meteoh" are now all related to meteoh rather than meteo. Over the past year we've tried to add more algorithmic respect for the exact query terms.
posted by hunter Staff4 years and 7 months ago Link
Just add a button behind "Did you mean?" which says "No." and then treat the search term verbatim or "includes all words".

With all search engines it's the same crap, they assume I am too stupid to write it right what I search for and give fuzzy results. DDG could be different in that respect!
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 11 months ago Link
Ditto. In spades! Give the user an easy way to say, 'No, I meant just what I typed.' Better still, return the results that the user actually requested, whatever they may be, and THEN ask if they really wanted something else.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 9 months ago Link
I'm a long-time user of DDG, and I'd really like it if this issue could be addressed.
EXAMPLE: Searched for Octoberski
Did you mean October Sky? (No I Did NOT!)
...with October Sky already included in the results.

I was able to bypass the problem by entering the search as "octoberski" -sky
A small inconvenience for me, but I'm sure the average "tech ignorant" user would not know enough to minus out the word sky, leading them to leave DDG and use that other EVIL search engine.

Thank you.
posted by mtnvortex 3 years and 9 months ago Link
Unfortunatly, because of DDG's way of generating results, it may not be possible for them to stop it mixing Octoberski and October Sky. (If DDG's index expands, I expect this may get better).

Personally, I think it should say "Currently searching for 'Search Term'" whenever it has the Did You Mean stuff. Then at least you would know if it had moved to the alternative search.
posted by MyUser 3 years and 9 months ago Link
Like I was saying, things like this are just a small inconvenience, but may keep others from giving DDG more of a chance. I was a long time Google user(I discovered Google when it was still at stanford(dot)edu), who switched over to DDG a few years ago.
I stuck with DDG, even when the G-snobs were telling me how much it sucked, and I've found that it just keeps getting better. Some of the instant results are awesome, such as definitions. These days, I only find myself using Google to search for news stories, and the occasional image or map search. For general internet searches, it's DDG all the way...and I'm pretty happy about that.
posted by mtnvortex 3 years and 9 months ago Link