The translation of "DuckDuckGo"

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Someone translates "DuckDuckGo" into Chinese(They don't work on They are just common users).Perhaps some others translate it into other languages.
I've seen these translations "鸭鸭走","鸭子鸭子快走","鸭鸭滚". "鸭鸭滚" is improper and is not friendly. So,could you publish the official translation?

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Hi. We don't have official translations for non-English languages. In our translated strings we keep the company name as it is in English - DuckDuckGo. I think many companies are like this, for example although Apple might unofficially be called 苹果 in Chinese, they officially only use "Apple".
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Some unofficial translations of "DuckDuckGo" are improper and are not friendly. Could you (re)solve the issue?
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