Servers are constantly down.

ineuw ineuw
Created: 2 years and 10 months ago
Guess the business model of DDG is not working. The servers are constantly down, which means they don't have the funds to improve their service, This is not a new issue and has been discussed here often. And like those who who found it a very frustrating experience, I have to move on. pretty colored search pages are just not worth it. Google, here I come.

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see ya - probably not worth responding since you are already gone
have fun with bubble searches and having your personal information shared to anyone with enough money
by the way - i've used duckduckgo for over 4 years and do not recall down servers - you should look at your isp and dns provider
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Hey ineuw,
I'd really like to help you if possible. If you want, send an email to ops [at] duckduckgo and we can try to debug some of the connection issues that you've been experiencing.
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Gone but not dead. What I liked about DDG is their good search results as good, if not better than G. plus the ability to personalize the search page. Thanks for the email address and will write to them.

My DNS server is OpenDNS and my ISP is a small local company. I have no problem connecting fast to anywhere else. As for my web browsing habits being tracked, can do nothing about it. I am being followed even when using DDG. Lost my paranoia long ago because when I clean the cookies, it seems everybody follows me, which includes Facebook, of which I have never been a member of and keep a 1000 miles distance from them. I also know that my name and email address (gmail) has been a well traded commodity, and if it wasn't hacked, then sold by some merchant I purchased from.
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Thanks for the reply Ineuw. I've replied to your email off-board. Hopefully we can get this resolved for you.
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