Using Duck Duck Go Extension, With Google Chrome Web Browser My Privacy was NOT Any More Protected!

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I watched the interview, on Thom Hartmann's Show, cannot remember the name of the show right now, on at 8pm, and during the interview it was pointed that my history of using The Duck Duck Go search engine was not kept. Yet, after I used The Google Chrome Duck Duck Go Extension (tried to make it a Browser I can use, but could not find a way and could not find a way to make it my homepage for Google Chrome), I checked my Google history and it has Duck Duck Go and all the websites I searched for and visited using Duck Duck Go. How has Duck Duck Go done helping to protect my privacy?

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Your internet activity is stored by the browser that you use (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and that's fine because that information is stored locally on your computer. The difference between DDG and (for example) Google, is that Google not only stores the searches that you perform, it can share that information with others (including advertisers, Google's own uses and, in some cases, government agencies like the NSA and possibly others). DDG stores none of this data, once you've done your search, it's purged from DDG's servers, so no one else can have access to it.

DDG is a search engine and cannot control any activities past the search phase, but not having your searches tracked or bubbled is a great alternative to the other search engines.

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Just to know, does zoho offer sticky threads? It would be useful to have some of them highlighted, there's a giant bunch of people that does not completely understand what's a search engine, what it can do and what it can't, that you're already working on an image search, etc...
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What happened to my reply? I posted it today
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Yes, there are sticky posts. Great idea making one for image search but there's limited space in the sidebar so really general information is usually left out. You can find a lot of things in our help pages and just by looking it up on DuckDuckGo!


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