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Hi everyone, I'm starting this thread since I couldn't find any recent ones (less than a year ago) regarding this topic: translations not showing up in the site.

I'm not sure what is causing this, but it is a vital issue since it can drastically change the amount of people who use DuckDuckGo worldwide.

I have tested different language settings and most of them are only showing a tiny portion of the translated context. Plus, to get to the language settings one must first go to "more" menu and then "settings" menu, which can be very troubling for many non-english speakers.

Obviously I tested languages which DuckDuckGo has indeed been translated to, on

I hope there's something we can do about this. Cheers and keep up the good work guys!

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Thank you all for the many comments, questions and suggestions. Particular thanks go to user x.15a2 for constantly monitoring, replying and helping so many users here. To continue these discussions, please head over to the DuckDuckGo subreddit.

The translations are still not complete. There has been a lot of work on this recently though, so more of the translations which are complete should be rolling out soon.
As always, vote up and translate at -- there are still many languages which have not been fully translated.
posted by crazedpsyc 6 years and 2 months ago Link
Yes, appearently, most translations don't even show up on the site.
For example: Hungarian translation is 39% complete, BUT after setting Hungarian as my language, I can still only see English text on the site.
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 6 years and 1 month ago Link
There is a long (and somewhat boring) story about why this took so long to get live (short answer is LOTS of moving parts), but it is now live!

This is a soft-launch as we're still working out the kinks, but translated tokens should be seen on the site now in both static and JS pages (though there are still some static pages not converted).

Once we get these kinks worked out and solid translations for many lanugages vetted, we will surface more inteface elements like you mentioned. However, one element now is the default language is the browser preferred language, as opposed to english. This should help in the base case.
posted by yegg Staff6 years and 1 month ago Link
I have a mini request, so I post it here without opening a thread. In the italian "about" page, the token "we don't bubble you" is translated "noi non ti bolla filtro" but it doesn't make any sense. Maybe we didn't understand the right context... can you please fix it in "noi non ti imbolliamo" ? Thanks
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Thanks--it's a known issue that should be solved soon : ) 


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I agree, the problem is still there and 'noi non ti bolla filtro' sounds really weird. But 'noi non ti imbolliamo' doesn't seem to me the best solution. Try with 'non ti frughiamo'
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Just a reminder that you can comment on specific translations in the translation section ;)


posted by zac Staff5 years and 8 months ago Link
Yes, it is so even on the sites and They are both 100% translated to Latin, but I can't select this language from the menu. That probably is an error.
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