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Created: 2 years and 4 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 4 months ago
In my experience over many years I have always avoided "Yahoo" on results pages.
I have found their search results to be irrelevant to my search, loaded with a lot of marketing "buy me" links

When I search the web now with DDG how much is Yahoo search-engine input ?
case in point:
1. how to find DVD burner model on Toshiba
- plenty of results to sell me Toshiba, sell me DVD/CD drives, online converters
2. how to copy USB data to DVD ?
- loads of DVD to USB -- mostly apps "DVD to USB -- no "how to"
- after 45 minutes of scrolling down the results list ... I gave up

Whenever I want to buy something I use Startpage/Ixquick

Its very difficult to escape the clutches of Google, YouTube and they "gotcha"

I am very concerned about "Yahoo" as I find their results very weak, and mostly irrelevant

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In short, DDG will continue to work and function as it has in the past, while continuing to improve. DDG has always used Yahoo as one of it's sources, they have just strengthened the relationship with them for improved feature (date filtering, for example). DDG uses it's own search algorithms and is NOT Yahoo in a DDG wrapper.
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