New DDG install undid my FFox settings

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Created: 5 years and 10 months ago
All this week I have been downloading files thru FFox 19.02
With the small Classic download window, lists each download + I could watch progress.

FFox settings were...
1.  (•) Never check for updates  (Not recommended)
2.  v19.0.2 FFox

Yesterday I installed DDG
First file download today ...
1.  FFox has been updated to v20
2.  FFox Downloads window has been replaced with Bookmarks > Library window (giant size, no progress bar)
3.  FFox Settings (•) "Automatically install updates"

The only culprit can be the install of DDG.  I am not impressed

I have had never ending problems with FFox since Jan-2013 with no resolution.
Their updates create more problems.  On 25-Mar-2013 I clean installed v19.0.2 + no auto updates + no extensions until DDG last night.
(FFox forum has several complainants "where has their classic "Downloads" window gone"
After the upgrade of v20
There is an "about:config" fix " TRUE
I certainly did not not update + I had the classic download for my last download yesterday.
I installed DDG just before closing the PC for the day.

Any others with the same problem ?
I am the ONLY user of this PC I fail to see how FFox settings just jumped ship.
Just discovered Adobe Flash was installed with FFox update  (I know this is not a DDG problem)
Adobe Flash has been causing some anxiety for a lot of people, incl me
BUT (I am guessing) when DDG was installed it undid my "Never update" to accommodate auto updating of DDG
When DDG installs -- an option message "when DDG is installed your browser settings might be changed"  for DDG to update browser settings must be also Auto update"   ??

If I am wrong on all counts I am willing to be publicly flogged, minor errors, bamboo splinters under finger nails !!

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DDG does not touch that setting. 
That setting only affects how Firefox updates addons, not how it updates itself. In the midst of upgrading itself, it may have reset that.

(Edit) Aaand, that theory was wrong. I was thinking of the "Update Add-ons Automatically" option in the addon manager.
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