Another hidden service??

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We can see DDG hidden service in tor browser 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion
And then I searched dark web with some onion search engines, I've seen this site duckduckggwuzuwl.onion
Who is controlling the other DDG hidden service? Is that trusted?

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THIS IS IMPORTANT. I have always been aggravated that DDG does not make its .onion hidden service URL clearly visible such as by linking it on its home page's footer the way Pirate Bay does or by pinning it to the front of the help site. They have left the door open for impersonators and phishing proxies positioned to harvest everyone's search queries.

DDG, display your onion badge proudly and prominently!!!
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I remember the hidden services use http. Why not use httpS by default?
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Short answer: HTTPS for onion URLs is redundant.

Tor's protocol already encrypts the tunnels to hidden services end-to-end, and obtaining an HTTPS certificate encourages the centralized and profit-driven CA hierarchy model of the clearnet. An HTTPS certificate would allow users to verify that an onion address is owned by its clearnet counterpart, but an HTTPS certificate would not improve security unless the organization is running their hidden service on a different machine than their web server. In that case, HTTPS would secure the final hop within the organization's network from their hidden service to their webserver, but encrypting inside their network is usually redundant as well.

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