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Created: 6 years and 8 days ago
Gabriel went on CNBC (U.S.) to talk about DuckDuckGo today!

It will be interesting to see the rise in traffic this brings.

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Yup I can see some slope, but has not yet passed the previous local maximum :) Is there a public traffic for big search engines? it would be interesting to find any/some correlation between them. If you could break some of your traffic, maybe Google trend could be used with some hot search topic.
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Not exactly sure what you mean :) Our traffic is publicly available here: 

We have internal graphs that show the system load, which we can use to see increased traffic to the site on a more micro-level but that's not publicly disclosed since it's not actually traffic, it's our internal system load. Not something we'd publish, though. 


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Well, if a small bump in your traffic could be correlated with a small hump in Google's that would be interesting. Now Google does not have your traffic page (I could not find it), but a popular search (let's say Y) can still be traced in Google trends (lets call it G(Y)), lets also assume DDG traffic for all search terms is D, so we could find the correlation between G(Y) and D(Y) if DDG could break the traffic into something equivalent of Google trends.

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Ahh, I see. That would require analysis of individual search-terms, which is a bit more than we can take on right now. Unfortunately, even with those two systems in place, Google's traffic (or trends) wouldn't show any type of discernible correlation for a couple reasons:

-Google's traffic is so high, most dips caused by us probably wouldn't be noticeable.

-A lot of people, if they're trying it for the first time, will compare results from DDG and Google. So, in cases like CNBC, where the market has a larger portion of people who haven't heard of DDG, some will look it up on both, some just on DDG, etc. It's hard to get a good sense of what's going on.

Still, I see what you mean! Just not something that we'd take on in the short-term since it doesn't help too much with our growth.


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