DDG Browser Update?

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Created: 5 years and 7 months ago
Just switched over today to DDG from using google.  Man am i glad to have found this!  I think so many people would enjoy DDG, but just have no clue about it.  

I have already switched my mac safari browser to use DDG, and downloaded the app for iOS (It needs some work, a little too cluttered and what makes the DDG.com page so nice is the sleek, clean design.)

Anyways, I read a few past posts about a possible browser in the future.  I thought it was very exciting to read about Firefox being interested.  Where have the talks gone in the past month with them and with DDG possible browser?  Very interested!!

Also just curious to all the DDG team members, what smartphone/OS, computer OS, and browser do you guys prefer?  Just wondering what is the best combination to work well with DDG.


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Welcome! I'm glad you are liking it 
The browser discussion has slowed down a bit -- it's just not a high priority.

The iOS app is also in for a complete rewrite, the new one is looking very nice.

We are completely spread around the software stack, so there's nothing which works best. If you do notice any issues with anything you use though, please use these forums or the "Give feedback" button on results page; feedback is appreciated!
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Why isn't DDG called "Quack"? I'm thinking that a quack doesn't have an echo <=> no tracking??
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Thanks for the reply!  Awesome to be able to communicate with team members of a product you use.  Hopefully you guys always stay like that, even when you make it big time :) 

Glad to hear a new iOS app is in place, very excited for it.  How about a duck "quack" sound when i open the app haha!

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The new app for iOS, should be able to quack when refreshing the results, AFAIK . : )

Yes, it is indeed nice to be able to chat with your search engine! : )

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