Adding DDG to IE9

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Created: 2 years and 5 months ago • Updated: 2 years and 5 months ago
I'm running Windows Vista/64 and have been using Mozilla Firefox as a browser and DDG as a search provider with great success for some years. A problem with Windows Update has prompted me to make IE9 (the highest you can go under Vista) my temporary default browser, in hopes that some issues might be cleared up. This browser changeover is no problem at all, except that I cannot figure out how to install DDG in IE9. The only provider in the drop-down list in IE9 is Bing, which is marked as the default. When I go to the DDG Website and say 'install it', Windows tells me it can't. I've looked all over for some small file to download and install manually (as I remember doing years ago), but can't find it. Is the combination of IE9 and DDG not possible somehow?
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