DDG Redirect — Which setting is which?

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I just want to make sure I'm choosing the right option for this setting. If I understand correctly, the basic distinction between GET and POST is:

GET means that the original search URL, which includes my search terms and other information about my search, is not sent to the target site. That is, my inquiry is stripped so that the target site can only see that I came from duckduckgo.com, not from my own system. This adds a measure of privacy protection but makes it impossible (or at least difficult) for me to share my search results. (I don't know why it would be difficult. :)

POST means the opposite, so that my search terms are revealed and the search results are easier to share with others.

Redirect ON means use GET
Redirect OFF means use POST

Is this correct?

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Per the description on the page:
On = Search queries are included in URL
Off = Searches will use POST requests

I suggest that you read this from help: https://duck.co/help/results/rduckduckgo...
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I remember DDG uses GET by default. It's not private because search queries are included in URL.
Could you change the default setting?
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It's only a local privacy issue (displays in browser URL field) and most users want the search URL displayed so it can be copies\pasted. If your preference is to have it disabled you can do so in settings use one of the save methods or use the DDG bookmarklet URL:
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Thank you. That's interesting. I had read that page, and I read:

"For those browsers, and also in situations where meta referrer doesn't work, we send the request back to our servers to remove search terms. This redirect goes through r.duckduckgo.com.

You can disable this privacy feature. To do that, go to the settings page, select Privacy, and change the option Redirect to Off."

Originally I concluded as you have described. But this seems to say the opposite,namely, that the "OFF" setting inhibits the stripping of search queries from the URL, and thus that "ON" results in their being stripped.

Hence my confusion.
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