New design of the community platform is online!

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Created: 5 years and 7 months ago

We just soft-launched our new design on the community platform, and we would love it, if you people test it out and give us a bit feedback :-). Thanks in advance for every feedback :), and big thanks to all people who helped making it happen. Design by Chris Morast and the new awesome HTML by Doug Brown.

Here is the link:

Have fun!

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Thank you all for the many comments, questions and suggestions. Particular thanks go to user x.15a2 for constantly monitoring, replying and helping so many users here. To continue these discussions, please head over to the DuckDuckGo subreddit.

I like it, very good looking! I see also that finally you fixed that horrible bug! :)

My feedback:
- languages page is too long, you should display only the languages that we chose in our profile, like you did before
- maybe a show/hide button for every site to translate would be handy too
- a show/hide button for every translated snippet is necessary, currently every proposed translation by all users is shown by default, making the list too long to scroll
-when you submit a discussion for a snippet would be useful to have a "return" button, now the only choice is to go on the very beginning of the snippets list

Now a question: how many votes a snippet must receive to replace an already existing translation?
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 7 months ago Link
I will check that up with the complete list, it should only show you the ones you speak (OR you are translation manager or admin, then you see all). Show/Hide for the sites is planned.

A show/hide for translated snippet doesnt really help, we do some other approach here, did you set the pagesize to something you like? With 5 its really small.

Yeah as said, we will fix that flow problem different. Generally you should vote on everything at least or make your own translation. When you are translating then you anyway only see untranslated tokens, so far its just very annoying for the voting (as it was before). Return button will gets solved as part of this, through this newer flow.

And..... Of course we take the most voted one, but we also have translation manager / admins who will be able to disable translations which are just crap (just yesterday found out that we have french translations in british english LOL)
posted by getty 5 years and 7 months ago Link
I thought the new platform would be hosting the new Forum, but the "Forums" link brings me back here. Am I missing something?
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 7 months ago Link
Nope, the new forums aren't ready just yet.
posted by crazedpsyc 5 years and 7 months ago Link
OK - thank you. No problem.
posted by [Old Forum guest] • 5 years and 7 months ago Link