Can't Delete/Remove/Eradicate DDG

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I'm running Chrome on Win7 OS. I don't know how DDG found its way onto my computer but it did and I can't delete it. I've checked programs to uninstall and it's not there to remove. I've checked default search engines under settings and it's not listed. Every time I try to use google, DDF hijacks the webpage. How do I remove it? Or, at least, give me the option to select it rather than unilaterally requiring me to do so?

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Hello and thanks for your questions. First, let me assure you that DDG does not install itself without user authorization, that goes completely against our way of doing business. I suggest that you read through this forum thread for information about removing DDG from your browser:

One thing that interests me is your comment: Every time I try to use google, DDF (sic) hijacks the webpage.. Does this mean that if you try to go to you are redirected to If that is the case, it's possible that someone has altered you HOSTS file.

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